Left Forum 2019 & ReBRANDING

Uhuru Planet is relaunching this weekend! We have a fresh look, new logo, website and summer collection of apparel featuring revolutionary leaders like Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Hugo Chávez, Ella Baker and Che Guevara. Find us tabling this weekend June 26- 28 at the Left Forum in NYC to celebrate the growth of Uhuru Planet as a professional revolutionary apparel business.

Attend our workshop this Saturday, “Reparations to African People: A Socialist Demand” during Session 3, from 3-5pm. Key presentation by Yejide Orunmila, President of the African National Women’s Organization, laying out the conditions of African people in Africa, in the US and throughout the world, and the role that reparations will play in overturning capitalism.

Featuring Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee and author of the book, Overturning the Culture of Violence, presenting the facts and data about the actual wealth generated for Europe and white America by the theft of the labor, culture, land and resources of African people, and why it is in the interest of white people to pay reparations to African people as the basis for true socialism on this planet.

To learn more and meet the speakers, visit our table in the Exhibitions Hall for Uhuru Planet Reparations Apparel.