My Journey from Anarchism to African Internationalism


My Journey from Anarchism to African Internationalism

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"My Journey from Anarchism to African Internationalism" by Comet Crowbar (Halley) Read the story of how a white person who identified as an anarchist for 10+ years came to discover the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and unite with African Internationalism. This zine is an in-depth history and analysis of (white) anarchism as a political theory and how it compares/ contrasts to African Internationalism, the political theory of working-class African people fighting for black power & the total liberation of Africa. It explains and debunks the common criticisms that white anarchists have against the Uhuru Movement, such as democratic centralism, acquisition of state power in the hands of the black working class, and paying reparations. The most anti-capitalist stance a white person can take is to pay reparations to African people!

Topics include:
1) My Journey From Anarchism to Uhuru Solidarity
2) The Problem Is Colonialism
3) African Internationalism
4) Defining Hierarchy: Critiquing Anarchist Critique of Uhuru’s Leadership Structure
5) Democratic Centralism
6) Why Is Anarchism So White?
7) Anarchism and African Internationalism
8) Leadership

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